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My 14th week of pregnancy

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What week?

14 weeks of pregnancy

How big is the baby?

Around 10 cm and around 110 grammes

Something special this week?

Baby is enrolled in daycare !

Now he/she exists officially, it’s time to proceed with all the administrative stuff!  I’ve also taken an appointment to visit a maternity closer to our home and booked a photoshoot with a photograph.

Most challenging moment?

Calling the firemen in emergency for Little H !

We don’t know how he did it but he swallowed a marble. The firemen arrived not right away so the marble was already in his stomach when they were at home. Needless to say we were worried sick when Little H was coughing. This episode made us realize we need to get trained for first aid.

After going to the hospital to have an x-ray, we came back home. Now, we wait for the marble to go out…


To face once again French Administration

After last week bad news about my allowance, it was Pôle Emploi (the unemployment agency) which had some annoying news too. I had the feeling of being in the “MadHouse” from Asterix or in the middle of a caricature. I’m so stunned to see how unprofessional and uncaring the people I deal with can be. I have a strong feeling the home office situation, due to Covid 19 restriction has become a new alibi for some people not to be responsible or to flee unpleasant situations like mine.

Which is the hardest is all my request are related to Little H’s disability so it’s already a difficult topic for me. Once again, they politely told me to go and complain to our French President. I’m going to have a full letter to write to Emmanuel Macron at this pace !

Most exciting moment?

Since Tuesday evening, it is summer break !

Mr A was very unpleasant to go right away to the leisure center but we have to work a bit! That’s why I’ve tried to make some fun moments just for him. Each night, we watch one episode of The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a child and Mr A loved it too ! Besides, watching TV during the week is something quite exciting for him too ! And on Friday morning, we had breakfast together at our village little restaurant and he was really happy !

ptit déjeuner

What’s new doctor?

Blood tests were good so I might have a peaceful summer.

Weight ?


Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

Nothing new.

I lack inspiration to cook but I think it’s due to the fact I eat all my meals at home everyday

Movement ?


Weather was bad so I didn’t want to go outside more than necessary.

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

I feel like I’m living in Groundhog Day.

Weeks and difficulties move on without break nor help. I’m aware my mindset is responsible for this, but it’s quite hard right now to push myself in a positive mood.

Self Care ?

I’ve found an amazing photograph to shoot of my pregnancy and baby in the first week. I love her universe and vibe so it pushed me to take a leap forward. I’ve never done pregnancy photos (except one single picture) for the boy so I’ve told myself I have to try it for my last pregnancy!

And it’s a great way to really enjoy this pregnancy  !

Self Care enceinte pregnant

Reflexions ?

How hard it is to raise kids without Village !

The proverb says it takes a Village to raise a kid and I have the feeling this reality strikes me harder at each pregnancy.  The fact that my close ones are far away is more and more difficult to live with. And all the daily difficulties increase my loneliness. That’s why I’m feeling so many ups and downs. In the last few days, I’ve realized I would never have a baby shower or if I want to go on Spa for pregnancy care I’ll have to go there on my own (which is not very fun).

Well, this pregnancy journal helps me to manage my feelings and ideas but, once again, nothing worth real human connection !

14th week pregnancy

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