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It all started when …

For years, I’ve searched for a way to live in harmony with my values and my environment. Lately, I’ve discovered that the key is kindness !

Kindness for myself (the most difficult part) and kindness for every living soul ; humans, animals or plants I have the chance to share this planet with.

I’m at the beginning of this life journey but I want to share this path with you through this blog.

Pimp Your Best Life is a place for you to get inspired to show more kindness to yourself, the people and the world around you.
Here we’ll share our stories, our experiences and join our voices to celebrate our differences and our life difficulties.

I share my stories, inspirations, successes and difficulties in a candid and open manner, without hiding anything from my imperfections or vulnerabilities.

Feel free and welcome to participate and connect, this place is yours ! Don’t hesitate to share your reactions by commenting. If you’d like me to talk about a specific topic, contact me. You can even write about it by contributing to the blog !

I look forward to connecting with you !

Take care,

Isabelle NG xx

Famille Isabelle NG Familly
© Mayra Sissi Bing

In this page, I’m supposed to share with you my bio.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know me while reading this blog, but here are some highlights to introduce myself.

I’m the French Mum of two very special boys, Mr A & Little H, and soon a third baby boy or girl. I live with my husband and our hens in the Strasbourg area, near the German border.

After working many years for a big international group, I changed careers to live a mindful and balanced life.

Now, I focus on what matters most to me :

  • living in harmony with my loved ones, while being respectful to the environment
  • going deeper in self-development, writing and the arts.

My purpose

Living in kindness with every living soul

My Mission

Spreading kindness through my stories to increase women self-confidence.

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