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How you can drink Lovewell

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Lovewell, instruction manuel

Since the instructions are at the back of each pack, if you can read these lines, you don’t need my help. The idea of this post was to help my non-English speaking readers.

Anyway, if you are curious how I use Lovewell  Grow and Blossom,  keep reading.

Which quantities ?

Lovewell still includes for some time a scoop in each pack. That scoop is made of plastic so the brand has decided to be more eco friendly and chose to stop them when they’ll be out of stock, using the traditional tablespoon instead.

That’s why I talk about the 2 kinds of measurement.

Blossom Pack

Add 1 slightly rounded scoop or 4 tablespoons  ie  10g of Blossom at 250 ml of a beverage of your choice.

I advise you to begin stirring the powder in a small amount of liquid. Mix briskly to prevent clumping.

Blossom has some caffeine, so I advise you to drink it at  breakfast or in the afternoon to enjoy Matcha green tea boost.

Add  1 heaped scoop or 2 tablespoons ie 8g of Grow with 250 ml of your kid’s favorite beverage.

I also advise you to mix briskly in a small amount of liquid to avoid any wince.

Since there is no caffeine, Grow can be drunk anytime : at breakfast, as a snack and even just before nighttime !

Lovewell presentation

How can we drink Lovewell ?

There are so many ways to use Lovewell ! As a drink, to bake or cook …

Let’s say, the easier way to drink Lovewell is simply mixed with coconut water (that’s my favorite way). In winter, I love drinking it with hot water, like a coffee.

You can also drink Grow or Blossom with dairy or plant milk.

The yummiest way is obviously drinking it as a smoothie !  A banana, some nut butter, oat milk. Mix everything in a blender and that’s all !

There are so many recipes I’d like to share with you in this blog !

For now, let’s see together how Teresa Palmer, one of the co-founder, likes doing her  Blossom shake.

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