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Zero-Waste Challenge n°2: the infinite soap

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It is time for our second zero waste challenge ! Did you enjoy the solid body balm?

This week, we are going to see big since we are dealing with all the sinks of your house ! We are going to create zero waste infinite soap !

We are still using the 5R rules to limit our wastes.  And it is so fun and easy to make !

Infinite zero waste soap

Why “infinite soap” ?

Let me ask you a question. If you already use  solid soap (instead of using liquid soap), what do you do when you are at the end of the soap ? You know, when there is nothing left except too-small-to-use soap pieces ? Let’s confess we are tempted to throw them away or compost them !

At home, we dry all these little pieces and we store them in a glass jar. When we make a batch of soap we melt them with the other ingredients.

That’s why I call this “infinite soap”. It can melt and melt again. That’s why it is a perfect zero waste product.

So this is the zero waste infinite soap workshop.

Your soap ingredients

You need :

  • soap, obviously.  take all your too-small-to-use soap pieces and add them to Marseille soap. 100% ,natural and made with vegetable oils, it is the best for sensitive skins. You can use plain soap and grit it but I prefer to use soap chips (it’s quicker and easier that way.)
  • aromatic herbs (optional) (thyme, rosemary…) or flowers (lavender, dried violet …). You can also use some essential oils to perfume your soap as you like it.
  • moulds (bakery silicone moulds with funny shapes are the best!)
  • Some string (only if you want to hung your soap)

All these ingredients are quite cheap. And you’ll see you can use the soap chips for other challenges !

How to make the soap

zéro déchet savon soap zero waste

That’s quite easy, you’ll see !

  • If you use soap pieces, you have to grate them.
  • Put all the soap in a pot
  • Let it melt slowly while stirring
  • If you want to perfume them put the minced herbs and the flowers
  • Pour in the moulds (slowly with your kids.
  • If you want to make a soap to hang, add the string to it.

Let the soap cooling of for several hours.

And that’s all !

These funny soaps are fun to make. They are also perfect as a gift. With a nice wrap they have this home made aspect we love ! We offered some to my son’s teacher or for Grand Mother day.

zéro déchet savon soap zero waste
© Isabelle NG

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