In a world where
you can be anything,
be kind!

Kindness is not a superpower but a way of living and of understanding the world. This is also the key for more balance in your life!

Welcome on this blog

Let’s share together, here, a moment full of KINDNESS,

 for YOU, your LOVED ONES, the EARTH …

Feel free and welcome to participate, share, connect, comment or even contribute to the blog, this place is YOURS!


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Let’s begin with yourself!

having some « me time », staying healthy and moving, sleeping enough, being well-nourished, taking care of your mental health or feeding your soul…

Eco-Friendly behavior

That’s being kind with every living-souls !

buying in bulk, organic, local, zero-waste, being vegetarian…


Parenting is a lifetime adventure with peaks and valleys.  Be also kind thanks to

positive parenting, tips, challenges and experiments …

Let's get inspired!

Getting inspired through each other is the real wealth of a community. Discover here some portraits and interviews of amazing and inspiring women.

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“Kindness is a gift anyone can afford”

Let's have a little of self-care !

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