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Postpartum Week 3

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What week ?

Week 3 !

How big is the baby ?

Almost 4,5 kg,  food is good !

This is such a  joy to see him getting all chubby!

What's new this week ?

Petit F is such a cute little boy, I love watching him getting more and more aware of all what is happening. 

And he just began to smile after being fed. I’m melting each time !

And this week was Mr A and my birthday !

mon anniversaire

Most challenging moment ?

Well, the lack of sleep and breastfeeding are still hard, especially in the long term.  I see I’m being jet lagged and I don’t live at the same hours as the boys : I live at night whereas my husband takes care of them during the day. So much guilt for me !

I know it won’t last but on a daily basis, it is getting hard.


Favourite moments ?

Mr A’s birthday !

Initially, we thought of celebrating it with no fuss, just answering his wishes. We were surprised that one of his godfathers (my brother) came to visit. It was so great to have him there and to play with Mr A all day !

New Year Eve

We learned from Christmas and knew what our weaknesses were.  It was less frustrating and easier to enjoy. We even got out in the street to watch the fireworks. We even introduced ourselves to our neighbors we hadn’t met yet in 10 years !

Mama Time

Servanne‘s help has been such a great help to face all these events.

With my husband we worked to set our yearly intentions for 2022. It was so great to renew with another kind of communication than just basic or kids routine. I love using the Year compass leaflet. It really helps us to find clarity and balance, to set goals and objectives for the year to come. Later, we’ll build our family New Year objectives.

My body

My back and shoulders still hurts. The bleeding is slowing down and I still have to take care of my stitches.


Rich foods, sugar… that’s a true holiday diet ! but fortunately there is some soups and gratins too … 

I’ve reduced my dairy consumption as my fingers hurt too much.

What's working ?

We are learning, adapting and we get better at it.

This is another aspect of the postpartum : we have to follow the flow !

Reflexions ?

I was born on the last day of the year so, usually, my year end review is the same as my birthday’s. 

This year is the last before I change the decade. I usually feel blue or nostalgic, feeling regretful but not this year. I realized I have made so many changes in my life already that I don’t need more. 

It seems I won’t suffer from a mid-life crisis. I just have to transform and strengthen all those changes to make them grow in my next decade.

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