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Zero-Waste Challenge n°4: your own Bee Wrap

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New Zero-Waste challenge ! I hope you enjoyed the homemade detergent , the solid balm and the infinite soap !

This week, I share with you one of my favorite DIY : how to make your own bee wrap.

What is a bee wrap ?

Bee-wrap is the best alternative to cellophane and other plastics or aluminium wrapping. I love using it to cover my dishes or wrap sandwiches or my kids snacks.

bee wrap maison

Made with any recycled fabrics and bee wax, this wrapping can be used many times. Some manufacturers claim it can be used until 100 times ! As far as I’m concerned, I use the same for more than a year so it’s not bad.

When you can’t reuse them anymore, bee-wraps can be composted. That’s what we can call true zero waste !

Beloved by the organic and bulk stores, you can find bee wraps with many sizes, many patterns and different prizes. I find them usually very expansive, especially since it is so easy to do it yourself !

Your bee wrap ingredients

What you need:

  • different sizes of fabrics (with cute and pretty patterns). I usually use scraps of clothes such as old sheets.
  • 2 baking paper sheets (5cm longer than your fabric)
  • Beeswax (I prefer them in chips)
  • Your iron, the ironing board and a cloth to protect the board

How to make the bee wrap

  • After protecting the iron board with the cloth, put the fabric in the center of a baking paper sheet 
bee wrap maison
© Isabelle NG
  • Sprinkle the fabric with the beeswax (you don’t need to put it everywhere; it’s going to spread with the heat)
  • Cover with the other paper sheet.
  • Help your kid iron the paper sheet at a smooth temperature. You’ll see the wax melting and covering all the fabric (don’t hesitate to add some more wax if some areas aren’t covered)
bee wrap maison
© Isabelle NG
  • You can lift the paper sheet and let your brand new bee wrap get cold
bee wrap maison
© Isabelle NG

You now have a waterproof fabric to wrap your food.

You can easily wash it with some soap and cold water!

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