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Matcha green tea goodness

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As a busy & always tired parent, do you need your daily caffeine boost?

Well, I do!

And since I can’t drink coffee anymore, (I had a coffee overdose after drinking too much of excellent expresso  and ristretto in Italy, but this is another story) I had to find this boost elsewhere. 

And matcha green tea is the best! Not because it is trendy and hits all healthy magazine covers but because Matcha is the healthiest and cleanest caffeine you can find to boost your energy!

I find my matcha source in my Lovewell Blossom cup and since I drink it daily I can really tell the difference. 

Let’s have a closer look together to your new best morning best friend!

What’s matcha green tea?

Matcha is made from a tea plant named Camellia sinensis.  It’s different from any other green teas because matcha grows in the shade, which boosts the amount of cell-food chlorophyll, hence the bright-green color. Matcha is a really concentrated tea because it is reduced to powder by grinding up the tea leaves

There are two types of matcha:

  • the Ceremonial-grade matcha, a very high quality tea drunk with hardly any water and used for very special tea ceremonies. 
  • The Culinary matcha: they are often some processed green tea powder and they usually taste awful. That’s how I tried matcha the first time and I was very disappointed. But as often, it was because of the poor quality used by the supplier. To be baked or mixed in a blend it was ok, but not to drink it. Better buy a high quality matcha even for your baking. It will be tastier and healthier!
thé matcha green tea

Why is matcha caffeine better than coffee?

I’ve told you already about my coffee overdose and I know for a fact I’m not the only one to have experienced the negative effects of coffee. (even if I still love the smell and the amazing taste!)

First the coffee caffeine works like sugar: it peaks very quickly (that’s the boost you’re looking for) but it quickly recedes. That’s why you’ll go back so quickly at the coffee machine for another boost.

That’s not the case with matcha caffeine which works slowly as a low glycemic index food. The boost doesn’t peak and the effects last for hours.

Second, coffee irritates your organism. It aggravates your body’s acidity levels which can damage your gut (my case) and give you some acid reflux. Besides it can exacerbate hormonal acne or give you some hot flushes. 

And it is also known that coffee can increase your anxiety and, in some cases, your hostility

So much for helping you copying with your day…  

bienfaits du thé matcha goodness
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Why is Matcha so healthy?

The energizing and longer-lasting caffeine effect of matcha is due to the amino acid L-Theanine. It slows the release of caffeine in your body as explained above. Besides it has a soothing and relaxing effect, producing a relaxed type of alertness

A study also explains that matcha has three times the amount of EGCG than regular green tea. EGCG is a class of antioxidants called catechin which has anti-tumor and cancer-preventing properties. That’s why matcha has quite a reputation as a natural detoxifier and anti-aging agent. It really contributes to a healthy metabolism boost, 100% plant based!

How much Matcha is too much?

Well, as I drink matcha in my Lovewell Blossom drink I’ve never wondered before. I know the Lovewell team has worked with nutritionists and dieticians to elaborate the perfect balance in their formula.

Lovewell Blossom
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After doing some research, you shouldn’t drink more than 400 milligrams of caffeine daily which means you shouldn’t drink more than 6 cups daily (and the matcha cookies, latte and smoothies have to be counted too).

Usually, it is advised to stick to 2 or 3 matcha drinks/treats per day. And to beware of the sugar included in these!  Sugar is not an issue if you drink Blossom since it is sugar free thanks to the Stevia goodness. 

To sum it up, Matcha is loaded with goodness for you: antioxidants, anti-aging agents. It boosts your energy and metabolism without the anxiety, crash or the jitters of coffee and all 100% plant based

Good for you, good for the planet.

thé matcha green tea

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