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Offer yourself a self-care boost with Lovewell !

I’m very excited to be the 1st French LOVEWELL affiliate

I’m delighted to share with you this concentrate of kindness !

Teresa & Chrissy are two amazing Australian women and mothers  I’m very happy to introduce you.

Both of them believe in the healing & kind power of the Earth for our selfcare. They created Lovewell to nourish us, busy Mamas, and our family.

Made only with organic, fair trade, plant based and environmentally kind ingredients, those nutritional supplements are both good for us and good for our planet.

Beside their direct-to-consumer approach, selling only online through Lovewell website enables us to access quality and beautiful products at a better price.

A concentrate of kindness

Lovewell products/produits

I use Lovewell Grow &  Blossom since they were launched and the busy Mama I am immediately loved them ! Mixed with coconut water or in a delicious smoothie, I am sure we all have our daily nutritional needs covered in an easy, yummy and quick shake. And as vegetarians, it is really reassuring!

Lovewell is all about community and the positive change we can have in our life through health and wellness. That’s why I immediately associate them to my vision of kindness since I can’t miss my daily pick me up !

Discover here more about Lovewell. And you can order their amazing products through my website!

Don’t hesitate to ask, comment or share your experiment, I’ll be really glad to answer you !


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