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3 months postpartum

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What week ?

Week 13, 3 months already !

How big is the baby ?

7,1 kg for 64 cm. Petit F won 12 cm since he is born ! His chubby face and legs show his health !

What's new this week ?


Petit F is 3 months old !

I can’t believe he is with us for already a trimester ! It is as if he has always been with us  and at the same time, so many things have happened ! Picks and valleys …

Petit F is a marvel, discovering the world with big eyes, always smiling and cooing.

I still breastfeed him complementing with baby formula according to his needs.

He sleeps better now he is in the right time zone. It seems we are close to something convenient for daycare …

Favorite moment ?

Little H’s birthday !

The 14th is shared both by Little H and Petit F and today Little H added a candle on his birthday cake.

His godfather and his wife were there and it was such a beautiful moment to see him being so smiling and happy surrounded by loved ones.

anniversaire Little H

Most challenging moment ?

Projecting myself back to work !

I don’t feel ready at all! I can’t imagine how I’m going to manage a proper sleep rhythm, a routine, breastfeeding, the mornings organization… How can I go back to business when Petit F is so small ?

Mama Time

I’m bubbling with so many ideas, projects, desires… I’m a bit frustrated. I want to enjoy every moment with my baby and at the same time I want so much some me-time doing something I used to love…

My body

My pelvic floor reeducation is on track. I can’t wait to do yoga again since I hurt everywhere.


Not easy to be quick, efficient and nutritious… But at least I indulge myself less ! 

What's working ?

Progress to more normal rhythm, especially on nights. After 3 months of bad sleep, it makes me feel so much better.

Reflexions ?

It is said postpartum lasts 3 months  and that’s why it is called the fourth trimester.

From my previous pregnancies, I’d tell postpartum last more than that,  all the first year. It was usually the time I needed to recover my body, my rhythm and my mindset.

That’s why I’m going to share my postpartum journal every month. It will be the opportunity to give some news and measure the progress over time !

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