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My 30th week of pregnancy

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What week?​

I’m 30th weeks pregnant. Within two months (or less?!)  Baby will be here!

How big is the baby?

I’m not sure. The usual stats say 1,5kg for 38 cm but since he weighed already 1,9kg last week, it doesn’t mean anything…

Something special this week?​

We are on break from school break !

We had for a few days my husband’s parents and grandfather. I wasn’t really with them since I was working and I couldn’t walk as much as they did but it was so nice to have them home after so long. The boys really enjoyed this special time and it made me really happy !

Most challenging moment?​

I felt a bit down this week.

I’ve just finished the antibiotics and I fear I’ve got another cold. I wasn’t very efficient this week, dozing off and lying down between two appointments.

On Friday, we were at our 3rd training day for Austists’ parents. I needed to go and sleep at the back of the car.

Most exciting moment?​

So many things were done for the baby’s arrival !

I’ve packed and unpacked Mr A and Little H’s wardrobe with winter and upsized clothes. I’ve sewed Little H name’s label on his clothes and made the boxes to store in the attic


I’ve also washed, folded and sorted out the baby clothes in BB#3 wardrobe.

I’ve also listed what we need and what is missing. I’ve washed the bottles and dummies, sorted out all the accessories, the carrying sling and the miracle blanket…

Mr A helped me with the boxes. It was so nice to do it together !

This afternoon, we went shopping in Germany to buy diapers, cotton pads and all birthing accessories to store in the cupboard and in my maternity suitcase.

We also bet on the date of the birth. There are clearly 2 teams so we’ll see who will be the winner of the breakfast pastries !

What’s new doctor?​​

Acid reflux.

I’ve been suffering from it for a few weeks but lately it has been very painful. I’ve been very happy to take my Gaviscon syrup. It helps me a lot !

BB#3 is still upside down. 

I feel his little feet knocking my ribs and his head pushing on my cervix. He doesn’t like my cough and I can now identify a pattern when he is awake or not. He’s taking so much space now, I can even see some bumps through my clothes !

Weight ?


Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

The nurse from the diabete center doesn’t know what to do.  We have another appointment next week to decide if I’ll need insulin injection or not.

I’m not sure what to think about this so I’ll wait and I’ll see.

I’m really enjoying my Jolly Mama  pregnancy snacks. It’s good, sweet (so great !) and with a low glycemic index. I’ve ordered more and I think I’m going to ask about the breastfeeding products for my postpartum !

Movement ?

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Rien. Nada. Nothing.  

I’m not very proud of it but I can’t see how to do it otherwise so I get rid of my guilt. Right now, sleeping and lying down are my main priorities ! 

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

A lot of work to do but I’m progressing on some topics. 

The appeal is sent to the Disability Office (MDPH), others files have been done too.

November is going to be tense but I have not to get overwhelmed as it was a few weeks ago.

Self Care ?

Self Care enceinte pregnant

I’ve let go of everything this week : my in-law visit, the boys organisation. I really needed it and I’m grateful for my husband’s help.

I’ve also painted my tiny characters for my 4th week. I can’t believe October is almost reaching its end !

A discovery of Witches

Reflexions ?

I really didn’t see October flying away. In 2 months(maybe less) we are going to welcome our little boy in our family.

I’ve just realized how unprepared we are. We don’t have a name, nor godmother/godfather and we still don’t know how to deal with the boys for the delivery.

So many things to do !

30th week

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