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My 31st week of pregnancy

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What week?​

I’m 31 weeks pregnant.

How big is the baby?

I have no idea.

Tomorrow, I’ll have my ultrasound appointment for the 3rd trimester with all the dimensions and estimations !

Something special this week?​

So many in-utero caprioles for BB#3 !

He has grown so much ! I feel him moving all around my belly. Sometimes I can “catch” a little foot. I love how he responds to my touch. 

He seems to be very sensitive to the sounds. Tonight, I’m with Mr A at his Bombarde rehearsal. This is a band quite noisy and I feel him moving each time they begin to play.

Bagad Kiz Avel

Most challenging moment?​

Little H’s chicken pox !

He was supposed to be operated on Tuesday but on Monday evening a lot of little spots and a bad fever appeared after several days of being not well.

It was chaotic to reach the hospital  because of the bank holiday and even more difficult to reschedule his operation. If everything is fine, he’ll be operated on at the end of November !

Unfortunately, Little H doesn’t tolerate chicken pox. He cries a lot, wakes up at night, sleeps during the day… It reminds us the kind of rhythms we are going to have in a few week with BB#3 !

The trouble is I didn’t have chicken pox when I was a kid so I had to take a blood test to check. For 48h I was forbidden to touch or comfort Little H. It was so hard watching him being so bad and not being able to soothe him in any way. Fortunately, I had the results this morning and it seems I made chicken pox without anyone knowing. Now, I’m able to help my husband, especially at night…

Most exciting moment?​

Halloween !

No treats or tricks in the street because of my pregnancy and Covid19 but it was quite a party at home anyway.

As usual, we decorated the house and carved the pumpkins. We made special meals with a lot of pumpkins. Little H’s godfather and her wife came to lunch and spent the afternoon with us and it was quite joyful.

We ended the day watching The Nightmare before Christmas. It was perfect!

Préparatifs Halloween (2)
Préparatifs Halloween 4
enceinte 31 semaines

What’s new doctor?​​

Acid reflux got worse. Gaviscon wasn’t efficient enough so I had to take something stronger.

I had today an appointment with the endocrinologist and I was surprised to see how pleased she was with my glycemic index. It seems possible I won’t need insulin after all  ! Fingers crossed…

Weight ?


I’m at the weight I had mid- august so the diet works well.

Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

Pumpkins binging!  Mashed, smoothie, cakes, soups, and gratin… I love it so much !

This is quite happy because transitioning from summer vegetables to winter dishes is not easy for my glycemic index (hello, dreadful potatoes!)

Préparatifs Halloween

I’ve just discovered the pea proteins and it is quite a revolution in my cooking!  It is delicious ! I use it to make sauces, minced … all that without the soja nutritive and environmental limitations .

And I’m still craving avocado. Tonight, before Mr A rehearsal, we went for a quick dinner at Nachos to enjoy their delicious veggie tacos !

Movement ?

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Getting up, down, standing up, kneeling down to pack/unpack boxes and bags are quite a sport, aren’t they ?

I’m working slowly on BB#3 bedroom organisation and that’s enough for me right now.

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

So much work to do ! It feels like the final sprint before pausing my business for my maternity leave.

I especially enjoyed watching my work helping some of my customers such as :

  • a publication in Elle get thanks to my client visibility on social media
  • a functional and easy to update website
  • an impressive media coverage for a project I strongly believe in (with an amazing crowdfunding campaign)

I also took back some writing projects I had put aside.

Sometimes I wish my days were longer !

Self Care ?

Self Care enceinte pregnant

I think I’ve found a nice balance during the day. I’m switching intense seated working sessions with some lying down. Days seem a bit strange like that but it is efficient enough.

I’ve also finished my Inktober challenge. I’m quite glad to have succeeded to end this personal project anyway.

Nice collection, isn’t it?

A discovery of witches

Reflexions ?

I’ve come to realize tonight I’ll be giving birth alone.

It will depend to the timing BB#3 will choose to come to Earth but we don’t have any reliable solution to take care of the boys. Our last attempts to find an association or to pay a babysitter failed.

I have to accept it and prepare for it. I’m still in panic mode because I can’t visualize myself giving birth alone, in an unknown hospital with Covid restrictions.

I have some work to do on myself to get prepared !


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