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My 19th week of pregnancy

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What week?

I’m 19 weeks pregnant

How big is the baby?

More than 22 cm for around 300g grammes

Something special this week?

Since yesterday evening, I’m living as a celibate!

My husband took the boy on vacation at his parents’ house close tothe ocean and here I am, alone at home.

Most exciting moment?

Some good news about Little H’s hearing and an intervention postponed until the end of october !

Most challenging moment?

The boys leaves.

It was hard from a physical perspective. After receiving my parents for a week, getting everything ready for the boys leaving (luggages and so on) required much more effort I thought.

And of course, it was very hard from an emotional point of view to let them go ! Despite the fact I was craving for months for some me-time to work, rest or exercise.  Yesterday evening, when I came back home I felt quite lost with all that silence and time. 

But what I fear most is Little H being far away, especially since it’s so hard these days for him to go to sleep ..


What’s new doctor?​

For the first time, I discovered some (small) pregnancy marks on my face.

At first, I thought it was my freckles being visibles with the sun but it wasn’t. I had to go and search for facial solar cream to avoid some new marks.

Which surprised me most is the fact I’ve never had pregnancy marks for my previous pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different !

Weight ?


Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

My glycemic index is still not good, as my weight gain shows. I believe I’ll have to consult an endocrinologist.

Being single for a few days, I’m going to try eating differently and at my own rhythm.

Movement ?

I’ve been riding a bit but I’ve moved a lot of things (suitcases and stuff)

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

I was very focused on putting the house in order and preparing my boys to leave.

The first thing I’ve done this morning has been to make 2 to-do lists (one personal and one for my business).

Self Care ?

I have a lot of work for next week but I took some time yesterday evening and today to do things at my own pace and how I felt them. Sleeping, lying down when needed, it was so good to do nothing ! I might be addicted !

Self Care enceinte pregnant

Reflexions ?

Separations are always very hard on me, especially the fact of staying alone at home (especially at night).

But once I dried my tears, I realized how much I needed this break, to be alone with myself after all these demanding months.

In the end, sacrificing my vacations might be the best decision I could make for my pregnancy and mental health.

19th week pregnancy

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