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Post-Partum Week 9 : 2 months already !

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What week ?

Week 9, 2 months postpartum

How big is the baby ?

We didn’t weigh Petit F this week but I think we are over 6kg. I’ve begun to wash the 6 months size clothes because his 3 months size pajamas are too tight now…

What's new this week ?

Petit F is 2 months old !

I can’t believe he has been with us for two months already  and at the same time it is as if he has always been with us. Passing time is so paradoxal !

Petit F is so lovely, smiling when he hears me or recognizes me. We are now in the beginning of real interaction. And that’s amazing after all the first week’s difficulties.

If Petit F is 2 months old, it means I’m breastfeeding him for 2 months too. I’m still mixing it with infant formula thanks to the SNS system but Petit F seems OK with that.  He breastfeeds with as much pleasure as I have to do it. He takes a baby bottle with my husband in the evening after a quick breastfeeding. It helps them to bond and I can work for a couple of hours. 

This 3rd baby is such a wonderful adventure !

Favorite moment ?

We found a daycare solution for Petit F !

We found a new MAM which is going to open in April. It is 3 childminders who bought a house to take care of kids together. It looks amazing and I’m so relieved to know he’s going to be ok. Now I’ll be able to go back to work at the beginning of April as planned.

 Now we have found a way to take care of Petit F and now I’ve made peace with Little H’s situation for the next school year, I feel more serene. When I sent this week the file for the MDPH (Handicap people administration), I felt as if a weight was lifted off my chest. I look at the future being less worried and I can now focus more on the present, on what is positive and precious.

Once again, this new test helped us to focus on the right priorities and focus on  the most important things in our lives. Thanks Universe.

Most challenging moment ?

St Valentin

My husband and I still don’t have the opportunity to spend time together as a couple. Valentine’s day reminded me how we are for now 100% parents. We still sleep in separate rooms and our intimate moments are rare (and usually with me working on the couch and Petit F between us). It’s quite logical since we know we are dealing with postpartum and the addition of a new baby in the family as every young parents do, but I really believe our communication and energy would be better with a few free time moments.

Mama Time

My first TV night with a friend. It was so nice to spend time chatting about my favorite TV show !

On another register, I’ve made my yearly balance with my accountant. Even if I didn’t work a lot with my brand new society last year, the beginning was encouraging. Fun fact, it was all on zoom while breastfeeding.

My body

My husband made an interesting comment. One day I was particularly depressed by my appearance, my overweight and my soft body, I told him I didn’t feel feminine at all. He looked at me bemused and told me I’ve just had a baby and I was breastfeeding so, for him, I couldn’t be more woman than now.

His common sense made me realize how much society influenced me to believe a woman must have to look like a magazine cover…

 I can’t believe how much I am influenced by all those cliches !


I’m going on with my collagen cure. For now, I’m not losing my hair much so maybe it is really working ?

I’m still eating my delicious homemade meals  cooked by my husband and some fast-heating meals like those delicious veggie girasoli !

What's working ?


If Petit F is not a novelty anymore for him, Mr A is still a caring big brother. He loves his younger brother, always cuddling him or singing him lullabies.

Our most beautiful surprise is Little H’s increasing enthusiasm. He smiles at him and pat him with a lot of joy and care, especially when he is in my baby sling. This is one of his most impressive improvements and it moves me each time !

Reflexions ?

I am so lucky to live maternity again at almost 40, especially since I wasn’t supposed to have children so I can’t be more grateful for this 3rd son.

I feel like I’m more free for this maternity. I follow my instincts more and the flow of the baby and the family. That’s the benefit of being just the 2 of us, with my husband, we just have to follow our lead and it makes a whole difference. And I believe our experience with Little H is helping us to be more empathic and to understand Petit F’s non verbal behavior.

It seems, even with a 3rd kid we can learn how to be “young parents” again !

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