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Postpartum Week 10

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What week ?

Week 10

How big is the baby ?

6,08 kg for 58 cm

Petit F is such a chubby baby ! He is at the top of the weight and size growth chart. His little legs are so cute I could eat them with kisses !

What's new this week ?

So many beautiful smiles and Areuh this week !

Petit F keeps smiling when he recognizes me or hears from his brother or father. He is such a charmer ! His smiles are adorable and has so many beautiful awakenings.

He needs to be carried all the time either in our arms or in the scarf and can’t stand being put down. But what he loves above all is staying at my breast just to cuddle or to fall asleep…

I’ve also noticed this week, he was totally bald at the back of his head because of turning his head from right to left.

Favorite moment ?

A nice date with Little H

Whereas Mr A was at the activity center, my husband and I took Little H to the tea room for his afternoon snack. It has been so long since he had the opportunity to have both of his parents just for himself (Petit F was sleeping in the baby sling). His smile was so beautiful and he loved everything (especially what I had on my plate).


Most challenging moment ?

This week, Petit F’s 2 months medical appointment was also for his first vaccines. I always feel so bad for my baby to see him crying because of a pain he doesn’t understand.

Petit F was ill with fever for 2 days and was quite a grumpy, poor little one !

Big challenge of the week : I broke my breastfeeding supplement system.

I knew it was coming to its end as the container was only 120ml  but I didn’t expect it to stop so soon. When it broke I had to mix breastfeeding and bottle feed and Petit F and I weren’t ready for that.  We are still transitioning and adapting. Since the flow is not the same with the bottle, it really bothers Petit F so I stopped using the silicone nipple shield to help him to see the difference. It’s really painful so I don’t know how long it’s going to last.

Mama Time

I attended the ultimate live of A Discovery of Witches cast and it was so moving. 

For me it was the end of a 4 years adventure. If someone told me this book was about to change my life, I would never believe it…

Thanks to Adow I’ve met so many people, lived so many amazing opportunities thanks, and changed so many things in my life professionally, personally and even spiritually !  Knowing that it is over is quite hard for me …

It was not Mama Time  strictly speaking but we had some visits this weekend and it was amazing to see new faces 🙂

On Monday, I had my coaching with Morrin  and as usual it was exactly what I needed. She helped me to answer some questions I didn’t know I was asking myself…

And I also had my doula’s visit, Servanne. It was good to talk about motherhood with her.

My body

I’ve begun the rehabilitation of my pelvic floor. Since my midwife’s method wasn’t efficient enough for my 2 previous postpartum, I’ve changed to another method. This time I’m doing it with a physiotherapist specialized  on babies and their mum and it is indeed a very différent way of doing it.  For now, I like it very much since it is rooted in my body comprehension.

This week I realized how bad my body form is ! I had to walk a lot carrying Petit F and pushing the stroller and I was so exhausted in the evening !


I reduced at a maximum all the dairy products (minus my grated cheddar). The artrosis of my fingers got worse and the doctor asked me to suppress all irritating products until I went for X-rays.

My current favorite meal is Veggie Chili. I’m sure I could eat some every day …

What's working ?

Surviving the holidays !

The house was full for 2 weeks and we are all still alive …  On the other hand, my husband and I are very tired so we can’t wait to rest a bit to last for the weeks to come …

Reflexions ?

Tonight, while I was breastfeeding Petit F with Little H running maddly around is, I realized how much parenting is a shifting ground. What’s working today won’t work tomorrow and what used to work yesterday doesn’t anymore. Nothing is granted as a parent. Kids grow up obviously but that’s not the only reason.

We are told about the importance of living in the present moment but I believe it is the only way for the parent to survive. We have no idea what will happen tomorrow nor what we’ll need in the future so finally, enjoying the present moment is the only way for us to be happy and feel joy.


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