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My 21st week of pregnancy

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What week?

I’m 21 weeks pregnant

How big is the baby?

According my latest ultrasound, he is 26 cm for 450g. Bb#3 is in the 95th percentile so he is very tall ! 

Something special this week?

2 ultrasounds in less than a week !

My gynecologist always makes separate appointments for the monthly pregnancy check and the trimester ultrasound. I went to go and see her on Friday and on Tuesday, so I could see the baby twice !

Echo 2ème T

Most exciting moment?

Sharing the second ultrasound with both my husband and Mr A.

It was a lovely gift from my gynecologist as with all the  Covid19 restrictions, children are not allowed in medical offices.

Therefore I had two very motivated and interested commentators about what was on screen.

Most challenging moment?

I’m still struggling against different offices from the French administration.

And in every field : family, disability, unemployment… It’s really exhausting to try to connect, always sending reminders and defending my case… with no successes !

What’s new doctor?​

Very great news from the baby who is growing up nicely !

He moves, he kicks and develops as he is supposed to be. It was so moving to watch on screen his little fingers and toes and seeing him completely, looking like a beautiful tiny baby !

And the news are not as bad as the substitute gynecologist told me before. There is not too much liquid and the baby is just tall, not big ! And according to their scale I haven’t gained weight in a month !

However, I’ve been trying to get an endocrinologist appointment. It has been hard to have one. I’ve tried 6 different doctors before getting an appointment before my due date !

Weight ?


Things are getting better there too.

Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

The results are better but I was a bit demotivated with my difficulties to get an endocrinologist appointment.

To celebrate their coming back home, we went with my husband and Mr A to test a new vegan burger restaurant. It was delicious but we were so full we only watched Little H eating dinner in the evening !)

burger vegan

Movement ?

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

I’m still following  Tammy’s prenatal program masterclass from Flos Motherhoods  and that’s all. These last days were so full of work I didn’t had time for anything else ! 

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

Working, resting.

It really was my motto for the two past weeks. I was really focused on these two objectives. Back to school is coming very soon and I have plenty of work to do for my customers.

I also had the beautiful surprise to see one of my articles published on my favorite parenting blog Your Zen Mama!

Self Care ?

Self Care enceinte pregnant

My little business corner is done !

My office is just finished and it makes me really happy. I feel good working there and it reminds me of my tiny flat when I was a student.


little office Isabelle NG

Reflexions ?

It strikes me how much I need to find a balance between my 3 highest values.

My business, my family and my self-care are really the most important for feeling rooted and balanced. And I’m used to always favouring one at the expense of the others. That’s the reason why I feel my frustration growing with the weeks. Being aware of it is a thing, acting to change things and to find a way to balance them all is another, especially with the new school year to come…

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