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My 20th week of pregnancy

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What week?

I’m 20 weeks pregnant

How big is the baby?

More than 23 cm for around 400g grammes

Something special this week?

One week all alone at home living through my rhythm !

I really took the time to listen to my body and my needs. And as the baby is moving more and more, it’s easier to think about him in this serene environment.

Most exciting moment?

Living at my own pace !

I’ve been working a lot to catch up on all my business tasks but I was able to lay down every time I needed it. Such a luxury ! I can wake up when I want, eat when I’m hungry. I really realize how precious these solo days are !

Most challenging moment?

Eventually, being alone is not as lonely as I thought. All day long, we text and I know the boys are enjoying themselves.

What is the hardest part is I can’t communicate with Little H. He doesn’t watch the phone screen and I can’t really talk to him to tell him I love him and miss him. And I feel powerless. Finding a way for him to sleep was a real challenge and I was too far to help my husband.


What’s new doctor?​

I had many appointments related to my pregnancy this week.

First, with my family doctor. They are usually two to care for me but I have my favorite. We had my first pregnancy talk (it was high time!). She asked me about my feelings, how I live my pregnancy, how I imagine things with Little H, my business… She listened to my worries and gave so many good tips and addresses to contact. It was so nice to feel supported and understood in my journey.

Yesterday, I was with my midwife. It’s the same who supported me for my previous pregnancies. I explained to her all my current difficulties and what is happening for Little H (she didn’t know about him). It was more an administrative appointment than a pregnancy meeting. I was disappointed to realize I won’t be able to attend my birth preparation courses like before because of my busy schedule. I really wanted to try prenatal yoga. However, she gave me some great tips by contacting the PMI (state) midwife to find out what kind of support I could benefit postpartum.  In the end, we have scheduled two sessions, in October and November.

Obviously I spent my day at the phone and filling files with the PMI midwife. I was positively impressed because she had plenty of good suggestions about who can help, and how I can prepare my delivery with the hospitals. She suggested some podcasts, videos and websites useful to do my birth prep on my own

And yesterday evening I had my second shot of Covid19 vaccine. I was much more impressed than the 1st one. It was quite painful and the man in front of me fainted just as he left. They were 5 of them trying to reanimate him and it was hard for them to wake him up.

Today I slept a lot and suffered from a big headache but I can say for now I’m quite lucky.


Weight ?


I was shocked to see the number on the scale. How could I gain so much weight so quickly ?

Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

Part of the answer comes from my nutrition. My glycemic indexes are not good and worries me a lot. I really need to have a quick appointment with the endocrinologist. Unfortunately they are either on holiday or the next appointment is in November.  I have an appointment tomorrow with my obgyn so I’ll have to see with her how to accelerate the process.

Being alone this week, I was quite reasonable on my meals, mostly eating fruits and vegetables. I’ve only been tempted by a sorbet and some cookies but this can’t explain the weight gain.

nutrition 2
nutrition 1

Movement ?

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

This must be the other part to explain my weight gain.

As I’ve been working a lot, I didn’t go out a lot and I didn’t move much. Except for picking the mirabelles up and caring for the hens.

I’ve begun Tammy’s prenatal program masterclass from Flos Motherhoods.  For now we are still on basics like breathing and how to support my pelvic floor but I know it is exactly what I need to do, especially since I won’t have birth prep classes with my midwife. 


Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

Living at my own pace with my to do lists and reasonable schedules, I was quite in harmony with myself.

I had my monthly session with Morrin who assigned me the homework to think about what I really want and visualize it, especially on the topics worrying me the most. Redefining my highest values, visualizing them and manifesting them should help to move from a victimism feeling to the owner of my choices. That’s only by focusing my energy in the direction I’ve chosen I’ll be able to influence things. 

Self Care ?

Self Care enceinte pregnant

N’était-ce pas le sujet de ma semaine ? J’ai pris le temps de lire un roman et de me concentrer sur ma grossesse en lisant Zen Mamas : Finding your Path through pregnancy , Birth and Beyond.

Another thing that made me really happy this week was to work on my little office corner. At first, it was supposed to be in the spare room but Baby is going to need it so we changed our plans. I settled in a corner of the library and I’m quite well there. After setting up a homemade desk, I’ve personalized it. I’ve ordered some dried flowers, created some wreaths, looked for cute accessories, and framed some pictures. Everything is going on smoothly but I really love my little space.

Office 3
office 2

Reflexions ?

I haven’t done the visualisation exercise asked by Morrin but I am more and more aware I need to focus on what I really want in my life for the months to come. 

Having talked with all these professionals this week really helped me to understand what this pregnancy is going to look like for the months to come. I won’t be able to rely on my midwife program, I’ll have to do it all by myself according to my own needs. This is the moment to use all the ressources the communities I’m connected with can offer.

This is quite a mindset change.

Even if I still don’t know where I am going to give birth or how to look for the kids when I’ll be at the hospital, I know I’m working on choices to help me to find the right solutions.

Feeling empowered is really the strength I have to develop from now !


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