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Postpartum Week 11

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What week ?​

Week 11

How big is the baby ?

No weighting this week but I’ve put away all the clothes in 3 months. It was high time for him to wear 6 months sized clothes !

What's new this week ?

The mobile !

Petit F sees much more now and he is fascinated by all the little balls above his head. It is so wonderful to watch him smile, moving his feet and arms from joy while watching the mobile dancing !

First teething?

I think Petit F has begun teething. For a few days he was chewing everything while drooling. I’ve proposed to him many toys and it’s our Sophie the Giraffe  who is the winner. It’s a bit early for him to teething but since his brothers began at 3 months, I really believe it might be that.


Favorite moment ?

A nice walk in forest !

Last Wednesday, daycare was closed so I went with my 3 boys in the forest for a little walk. I had Petit F in wrapped in the baby carrier. Little H walked quite well and was very worried when his brothers was out of the path. It was a nice afternoon.

Most challenging moment ?

So many appointments this week !

I had to finalize Little H’s MDPH file so we had plenty of appointments : with the school, the childcare professionals, the medical specialists … We also had Mr A ‘s special appointment so my husband and I spent all our week in meetings which were not easy to organize.

Mama Time

I didn’t have the time for it, the agenda was full !

But I received my POS to promote my society. It’s not really the topic for now but I was happy to see my branding taking shape.


My body​

Still working on my pelvic floor. I like my physiotherapist’s methods better than my midwife. And I like the peace of her cabinet. Change is good !

I went to my osteopaths because I’m not that good. It seems the point where they put the perineal through has done some light damages. I remember the anesthetist had to do it twice and it bled a bit so maybe something was touched and it will take time to heal.

And now, I am losing my hair. I’m a bit disappointed that my collagen supplement didn’t help much. When I had Little H, I lost 1/3 of my hair. I really hope it won’t go so far this time…


Hurray, I drank a glass of cider ! It’s not the glass of whiskey I’m dreaming of but it is a first.

Even if I know it is not carbon neutral, I couldn’t resist my craving for fruits. I bought mangoes, kiwis, pineapple… It was so good !



What's working ?

The night…

I shouldn’t be too happy but Petit F fell asleep at 1 am instead of 3 am. I am full of hope !

Reflexions ?

We are now facing such a combat route with Little H !

I’m so lucky and grateful my husband can make himself available and go with me to  the appointments because I don’t know how I’ll succeed to do it with a newborn.

That’s one of the great changes Covid 19 made in our society, working remote is now possible. Without it, I have no idea how I could have done over the past few months.

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