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My 16th week of pregnancy

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What week?

I’m 16 weeks pregnant

How big is the baby?

Around 18 cm and around 160 grammes

16 ème semaine grossesse

Something special this week?

I think I feel baby moving !

I’m not 100% sure as it is so featherlike it doesn’t last. It’s only when I’m lying down very still I can feel these slight pressures. At 16 weeks pregnant, it’s likely to be that and it remembers some sensations I had with the boys. 

Most exciting moment?

Changing Little H bedroom in a big boy room !

This weekend, we changed the baby bed with bars he happily learned to climb for a crib bedding we found second hand. His bedroom is small  and distorted (as all the house) with no right-angled corners which doesn’t help to organize the room. After moving every piece of furniture more than once, we found a practical and cute way to put everything in order.

new big boy bed

Most challenging moment?

The lack of sleep.

As the heat came back (yes, it is summer again and our bedroom is on the last floor under the roof), my sleep is fragmented. I wake up regularly to go to the bathroom and it’s very hard for me to fall asleep again, thinking of what to do and everything I have to manage…

And since last weekend, since Little H has changed his bed, we have had a difficult night. At first, everything was fine. He was happy and fell asleep quickly on his bed the first two nights. But after that… he understood he could get up freely from his bed and have a walk ! (we are lucky he doesn’t know how to open the doors yet). The first night he discovered this, he enjoyed night walking every time he woke up (at 3am, 4am, 5am) to eventually fall asleep behind the door, on the floor ! Our nights were short too. After that, he stopped walking at night but falling asleep has become very hard, and late ! We tried everything, staying with him, the weighted blanket, sleeping in his folding bed… so far nothing works ! He climbs up everything and goes and plays everywhere. We usually find him like this…

new bedroom

Well, I lack of sleep.

What’s new doctor?

I felt my first contractions in the evening. Being so tired and wrestling to put Little H to bed are hard for my belly. In the evening, I really need to lie down to relax.

These first contractions arrived later than Little H but I know it’s the sign I need to find a way to alleviate the charge. Maybe a pregnancy belt can help ?

Weight ?


Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

Well, I confess…

Mr A is going on holiday in a few weeks and I went to a chocolate factory to buy a gift for his grandparents. And…

I’ve fallen for the most decadent dark chocolates I could find ! And I eat them all, almost at once !

Movement ?

Sun is back= bike is back

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

Changing Little H bedroom put me in a full Marie Kondo mode. I’ve begun to sort things out, reorganize (at least on the paper) some rooms to have (at last!) a real office corner, my husband a real homeoffice place and BB#3 room free.

I’ve called Emmaüs and a former colleague who cares for homeless people to see with them what could be interesting for them. I’ve ordered some elements, planks and painting to give a second life to what we already have. That’s what I love with wood, it can change easily.

I can’t wait to begin !

Self Care ?

Bad night = napping all day = not a lot of time for anything else.

But for now, that’s the best self-care I can treat myself !

Self Care enceinte pregnant

Reflexions ?

With the introduction of the sanitary pass, I had to renounce too many summer plans I had, from going out to meeting friends. After feeling stuck and trapped for a few days, I believe focusing on remodeling my living place is the best solution to give up this feeling of being a victim and isolated.

Cleansing and organizing my space really helps me to put my life and ideas in order. Last summer, I spent 1 month to decluster everything in the house according to the Marie Kondo method. The konmari really helped me to feel more at peace and it benefits the family  !

Finally, that might be my solution to spend this summer putting things in order in my life !

Pregnant 16 week

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