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My 13th week of pregnancy

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What week?

13 weeks of pregnancy, that’s the first of the 2d trimester !

How big is the baby?

Around 8 cm for 65 g

Something special this week?

Baby is officially recognized by the French administration !

On Tuesday, I’ve made my pregnancy declaration and I’m now officially pregnant for the French State. What is new from my previous pregnancy is everything was on line made by my gynecologist. It was so easy and efficient. 24 hours later I received my custom pregnancy calendar with all the key dates and appointments !

Most challenging moment?

It was such a busy week.

I had plenty of business work and plenty of appointments for Little H and Mr A. It was so full I couldn’t find some time to work and rest and the week was really exhausting.

End of the school year is always a busy time, with a lot of festivities, gifts to make for the teachers, caretakers, the hospital… and the new school year to prepare with contracts  to sign and time schedules to manage.

Which takes me a lot of energy right now is Little H’s hospital change. Since he is more than 3 years old, he can go to a specialized care center. After 6 months of appointments and waiting lists, we are transitioning by meeting new professionals and dealing with the new calendars. Well, it is a lot.

The hardest part was on Wednesday when the CAF called me. It is a French administration in charge of all family matters and allowances. Even though the law passed last year, their information system isn’t able to deal and pay me the allowances I had to take care of Little H when I was employed in my previous company. It really was bad news to lose both the money and the advantages of this allowance. They told me the only thing I could do was to write to Emmanuel Macron, the French President. Needless to say I have no chance to have this allowance back.

Most exciting moment?

With all these things happening, I was almost choked to realize how much my baby is growing and blooming on my belly. I am so full of issues to solve I totally forgot to tune in with him/her.

Knowing everything is OK  made me breathe again even if I wasn’t aware I was holding my breath !

What’s new doctor?

Everything is alright according to my gynecologist. My trisomy score is quite good, especially when you consider my age. Everything is as it’s supposed to be at this stage, for me and the baby. So far so good.



Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

After the avocado, I’m now craving Italian food ! I’m dreaming of pastas and antipastos. Last weekend we were invited for lunch by Little H godfather and they live near the best Italian caterer. It was delicious !

And to please us, dessert was made by an amazing vegan pastry cook. I enjoyed it so much as for once, I could eat everything !

Movement ?

Biking and that’s all.

But I seriously consider trying some pregnancy pilates this summer. I really feel the need to strengthen my body as I feel how hard my ligaments are working as my belly becomes rounder.

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

I was in autopilot mode this week, going from an appointment to another without thinking and no motivation.

Staying in bed sleeping was really what motivated me the most !

Self Care ?

Now that I’ve begun my second trimester, I can allow myself to be less strict about the products I use to color my hair. It’s no news to say hair colors and pregnancy don’t get well.

For Mr A, I had a few white hairs so I stopped dying them. It wasn’t very pretty by the end of the pregnancy but it was Ok. I was only 31.

Self Care enceinte pregnant
coloration végétale

For Little H, I’ve tried some natural colouring… and they weren’t natural at all after I discovered some UFC Que Choisir analysis!

For this pregnancy, I have more than 50% of white hair so I can’t stop dying my hair. I  strictly followed UFC Que Choisir recommandations and I’ve begun my 1st trimester with natural coloration with henna and plants. It was horrible.

I couldn’t stand the smell (especially with the nausea) and it didn’t work on white hair.  And the mud I rinsed from my hair has totally blocked the drains ! Well, henna coloration doesn’t work for me at all !

For the second trimester, I’ve tried another kind of natural colouring but with some potential allergic reactions. (I’ve made none). The boys’ hairdresser came to help me apply it and it was so nice to welcome back my former hair! I’ll stick to this solution for a couple of months. But I have to find another way to color my hair for the last trimester.

I can’t believe how toxic the product we use on our hair is ! 

Reflexions ?

What striked my this week is how difficult it can be to be pregnant, mum of a disabled child and entrepreneur.

The equation has always been tricky but this week it was really hard because I was so tired I couldn’t think properly or step away.  Now I can see why some of my loved ones are quite hesitant about this pregnancy. From an exterior point of view, our current situation must seem pretty fragile !

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