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My 6th week of pregnancy

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What week?

I’m week 6 pregnant

How big is the baby?

Already 1,2 cm ! a basmati rice grain !

Something special this week?

Less nauseous, much more rest needed and an unpleasant (and glamorous) bloating feeling. 

But the most important part: it was the 1st ultrasound!

Most challenging moment?

Dealing with all these unpleasant symptoms and knowing I’ll have to go on with all the hormonal treatments for more than a month. I really expected to diminish the quantities.

Most exciting moment?

The first ultrasounds

One of my friends took care of the boys so we could attend together to this first appointment. It was really important for us, especially since the conception was so difficult and medical. 

Witnessing together this new life was the best way to be both on board for this pregnancy. Together we discovered those amazing 12 mm of life and as my husband perfectly put it “it was the most moving rice grain we ever saw”.

I can’t remember having been so moved for the boys (or maybe I was but I can’t remember) when I heard his/her little heart beat, so strong, so quick ! I’m sure the sound was at its maximum but it was so beautiful !

5 Semaines Grossesses

What’s new doctor ?

Only good news !  Everything is normal at this first exam and this is the most important. Since we had Little H, the traditional expression “have a healthy child” is the most important for us !

The geneticist told us we won’t need special monitoring for this pregnancy so we are back with my gynecologist, I have known for more than 15 years. 

Weight ?


I’m a bit disappointed to see I’m still gaining weight and I won’t be able to limit the progesterons quantities before more than a month !

Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

Since I feel less nauseated, it’s easier for me to limit and fraction my meals. But as I’m in the middle of an irritable bowel syndrome crisis, it’s very hard for me to balance my nutrition. 

But writing everything down really helps. To avoid being tempted, I’ve stopped buying dark chocolate. That way, it’s easier to limit my sugar consumption.

Movement ?

Beginning of the week : plenty of yoga.

End of the week, except for biking to pick up the kids, nothing ! 

I’ve chosen to nap instead…

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

A little more motivated.

I’ve listed my daily objectives and stuck to it. It really helped to deal with my days !

Self Care ?

Plenty of sleep !

As soon as I feel I need some rest, I nap for 30 minutes. It really helps me to go through my day. 

At night, meditation really helps me to empty my mind and to fall asleep more easily !

Self Care enceinte pregnant

Réflexions ?

With the 1st ultrasounds and having all my pregnancies appointments, I realized how much I need to adjust my schedule to make some room for this pregnancy.

As on September, I’m going to teach more classes and in two schools, I’ve worked on my programs to manage a break for the baby to come. That’s how I realized it’s going to be tricky to wait until July to announce my pregnancy to the pedagogical directors because we’ll have to adapt school calendars !

6th week pregnancy

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