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Postpartum Week 2

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What week ?

Week 2 !

How big is the baby ?

He regained his birth weight. I’m so relieved !

What's new this week ?

Being a family of 5 !

My husband takes care of the two elder boys, cooks, shops and deals with the daily things.

Me, I’m 100% devoted to Petit F.

This is quite frustrating not to be able to be there for my boys, especially for Little H and I’m crying a lot about it, doubting my ability to be there for them.

It is so hard for my Mummy’s heart… 


Most challenging moment ?

Breastfeeding (again)

It is so hard. Petit F sucks perfectly but the cracked nipples, the lack of milk, the supplement nursing system, the exhaustion, nothing happens as expected. 

I do my best between crying and doubts.

The lack of sleep is the hardest part. I’m not sure I’ll be able to go on for long at this pace, especially with guilt and shattering morale.

I can’t remember Mr A’s first month of life because it has been so hard. For Little H, on the contrary, I remember very well how hard it was, with a mix of guilt, exhaustion and helplessness. I’m so afraid Petit F’s first month  will be the same …


Favourite moments ?

Our First Christmas the 5 of us !

I didn’t really enjoy Christmas magic at the moment. It’s after watching the pictures, I realized how precious Petit F was, the best Christmas present ever !

And we had some joyful moments such as watching Mr A’s smile doing every Christmas tradition by the book or unwrapping his presents. And for the very first time Little H seemed to be aware something was out of ordinary. He enjoyed his gifts, even if he wasn’t able to unwrap them.

Mama Time

Sleeping when possible and our doula’s help

These are my selfcare moment and my life saving nets !

My body

Except for basic care, I don’t have much time to think about it.

My back and my shoulder hurts with breastfeeding and bad sitting positions.


A lot of industrial or take away meals,especially for Christmas.

Even if I crave greens and fruits, the season  doesn’t help. Fortunately my husband and our Doula helped to make a great variety of menu!

And I’ve rediscovered chocolate and sugar with Christmas…


What's working ?

It depends when you are asking. After a sleepless night, I’d say nothing. After a few hours of rest, I’d say we manage roughly.

It depends how you see things…

Reflexions ?

This second week is such a rollercoaster!

There are great joys such as observing Petit F taking his place in our family or the beautiful family photoshoot we had, despite the organizational challenges.

And there have been so many moments with doubt, exhaustion and difficulties to communicate well, especially as a couple.


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