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My 26th week of pregnancy

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26th week pregnancy

What week?​

I’m 26 weeks pregnant.

How big is the baby?

Around 33 cm for 900 g

Something special this week?​

Such a challenging week, especially being a solo mum while my husband was away for work.

Most challenging moment?​

I feel so tired, especially with the cold I caught. Generally, once I’ve got a cold, I’ve got it until the end of my pregnancy. Fingers crossed it will be different this time.

rhume grossesse

I also had an evening full of contractions. It scared me a lot, especially since I was alone with the boys. I even thought about calling the firemen… Fortunately, since it happens, there are no contractions anymore.

I also had some very interesting business opportunities but I feel the pressure of my part-time work. Especially with the kids’ schedules, my pregnancy and all the fatigue I suffer from many months. I’m conscious I have to find a solution but I don’t know how yet. 

Most exciting moment?​

A nice evening with the boys

Since we were just the 3 of us, we went to a Mexican restaurant. I surprised them after picking them up from school and daycare. I was a bit worried about how to deal with the evening alone but everything went well. We had a lovely moment and Mr A helped me to take care of his little brother. The veggie chili & tacos were delicious too !

les garçons

What’s new doctor?​​

I know where to give birth, at last !

It will be at the university hospital. I wasn’t very happy with this idea to go back to the private clinic I had with the boys. My latest conversions with other mums  helped me to decide to change. I took the appointments with the midwife, the anaesthetist and the nutritionist even called me to talk about my vegetarian diet. They certainly gave me a strong first impression !

Weight ?


Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

Nothing new.

Still checking on my diabetes. I’ve realized the  negative impact of pastas and ravioles on my glycemic index. Which is a pity since it was very handy to have a quick and nutritious lunch !

Movement ?

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Not much except from biking and walking for my appointments. I’m so tired changing stairs in the house is too much already !

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

I had some beautiful business achievements this week. I created a website for a friend’s restaurant and I’m quite proud of it.

But I feel overwhelmed by how my days are full and the work is piling up. My stress level right now is not healthy…

Self Care ?

Self Care enceinte pregnant

It was so fun to work in the baby’s bedroom. I’ve created a moodboard and after my husband agreed with the choices we began to buy some stuff. It is so nice to project on nice things !


Reflexions ?

I can’t believe I’m about to begin my 3rd trimester. Everything is going so fast I can’t believe it. I feel dizzy when I look at all that is going to happen in October and November. I can’t slow down, work and to-do-list pile up whereas I need some calm and balance in my life !


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