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My 24th week of pregnancy

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What week?

I’m 24 weeks pregnant.

How big is the baby?

Around 30 cm for 650 g

Something special this week?​

I’m back home after 4 days away.

Mr A is doing his best to keep up with his schoolwork and rest and I do the same (with my business of course). The rhythm is quite hard and we are expecting the weekend to have a break.

Most challenging moment?​

Saying goodbye to my grandfather was obviously the most challenging moment.

We arrived late on Thursday night but we dropped in the wake. Mr A was very brave but fell asleep on his chair. My grandmother was so strong despite her grief.

On Friday, the funeral was simple but beautiful. Just like him. With a lot of tears and grief but so much love between us to support my grandmother. Cousins, uncles and aunts, everyone was there to comfort each other. Beautiful (and true) things have been said at the ceremony and later, with a drink or a toast. Mr A was such a great comfort for me on this special day. Such a brave little boy ! He and his distant cousin were amazing and brought so much innocence to the cemetery !


I also thought about my father, still at the hospital at the moment.

In the afternoon, I slipped and fell on the slanted garage floor. Fortunately I suffered only a few bruises and the baby was safe !

Most exciting moment?​

Soaking in family love.

We gathered for a very sad family reunion but it was such a gift to be there. Last time I was in Nantes was in summer 2019  so I was so grateful to be there. 

I soaked in this love, enjoying all the positive vibes and realized how much I miss my family.

Sharing these few days with Mr A was another gift.

It was very special to share all these emotions with him. He got to know this unknown family better. He bathed, played, runed, played music … so many memories to cherish !

My other gift was to go and visit my other grandfather. He is very old, depressed and exhausted. But he was adorable with Mr A, sharing his own childhood memories !


What’s new doctor?​​

My body is changing.

My belly is really round. I now feel baby moving and pressing on the cervix.  Colostrum has just begun to leak ! On a less pleasant side, I suffer from acid reflux and my sciatic nerve hurts a lot.


This morning, I had an appointment with a lactation counselor.

She didn’t have a magical solution but she comforted me on the path I’m choosing and gave me some additional tips. Even if my past breastfeeding experiences were not successful, I still want to try for my last baby even if I know things are going to be difficult with Little H to care too.



Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

I’m still looking for a way to steady my blood sugar level.

My stay with my family didn’t help with sandwiches and some junk food but things are getting in order now.

Movement ?

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Only biking for my daily commuting. But I crave stretching my body, relaxing and breathing exercises. I miss yoga but I’ll have to wait for a few days.

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

I’m on a full emotional roller coaster. So much work to do for my business with me being away last week…

Self Care ?

Self Care enceinte pregnant

I work late, I try to nap to relax my belly.

That’s not much but only what I can deal with right now.

Reflexions ?

What a week !

When I look back, I can’t believe all this fits in only 8 days.  It is better not to look ahead then, the week to come is not better.

One step at the time. It will be alright in the end.


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