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5 tips for a new School year

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That’s it, kids are back to school, you are back to work, extracurricular and associative activities fit all in your agenda and even if you are still in a run-in period, a new year school routine is on track.

Well done to you ! You survived the back to school marathon ! 

All this aside, how do you feel ?

How do YOU feel ?

« Tired» would tell me a majority. “ A little depressed to see the end of summer” others would say. “Already stressed out” would say the last ones(when it’s not the 3 at once)

Believe me, back to school (which is also the autumn begining with all its climatic and sunshine changes) is when your family is going to define the rhythm for the next 9 months. So, when you have kids, this moment is even more important than the New Year you usually celebrate with plenty of good resolutions.

That’s why I ask you again : “How are You ?” or more precisely, “did you think about you this past few weeks ?

I don’t talk about the 2 hours for sports you managed  to add in your minister’s agenda. Did you take care of yourself, to enable that new life cycle would be positive for you too ? If you are like me, I neglected for a very long time that part of my new organization. And usually, mid-october,the Autumn blue fell upon me. (as hair loss, wearing tights and ridiculously short days where you can’t see the light)

That’s why I share here with you 5 easy tips to implement for this new School year.

comment allez vous how do you do

5 tips/ good resolutions to make a successfull School year

When you talk about good resolutions, you usually think to the ones you set without believing you’ll stick to it on New Year Eve. In fact, I really like the end of the year to write new year manifest and family goals. But I also strongly believe in the new School year resolutions. 

Beyond the registration to sport clubs or cultural associations, I think it is the best moment to take care of yourself and to be kind enough with yourself to plan this new stage of life. 

Last year, thanks to my vision board and my balance chart, I implemented some new tricks I renewed that year. That’s why I’d like to share with you these 5 tips for a successful new School Year.

1- Held a Gratitude journal

This is very different from the beautiful but the time-consuming “bullet journals” I admire on Pinterest or at some of my friends’.

A gratitude journal is less ambitious but as much life saving.

Your target is to consider how amazing is your daily life, to be mindful and grateful for all the beauty in it.

If you get used to focus on the beautiful and positive aspects of your life,  you’ll be in a better state of mind and you’ll now see the glass only half full ! This is as if, since you train every day, you muscle your positivity state of mind!

And you only need 3 minutes twice a day ! 

gratitude journal

You need a notebook (choose a nice one to make things more pleasant) and a pen. You can also buy a ready-to-write Gratitude Journals. 

Every morning,

When you start your day, you have to fill the first part of the page.

I usually do it after dropping the kids off to school and daycare, just before getting to work. The best organised ones usually succeed to do it when they wake up.

You have to write : 

  • The 3 things in your life/day you are grateful for
  • The 3 things you need for a beautiful day (and not your to do list) 
  • 1 or 2 positive affirmations or Mantra to repeat through your day

On the night,

Before going to bed, you have to answer these questions :

  • The 3 amazing things that happened in your day 
  • What are the things that would have made an even better day?

2- Think to breath or meditate for 5 minutes

Meditation can be overwhelming so breathwork can be enough and easier to begin with. 

Breathing deeply is effective to release all physical and nervous tensions from your body. It also helped to diminish stress or anxiety. The perfect tool for a new School year!

5 Conseils de rentrée Meditation

There are plenty of breathing techniques you can try. I advise you the easy and effective methods of the 4-7-8.

Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, exhale out of the mouth for 8 seconds. Do it again as long as you feel the need of it and some benefit. 

3- Just move !

Climbing up the stairs, parking your car farther than usual to walk, choosing to ride in a bicycle rather than your car… are all very good initiatives to add more movement in your day. 

You can also try this 5 minutes practice.

4- Eat foods for the season

With winter coming, better taking care of your health with the healthier choices. Ayurvedic teachings suggest reducing raw and cold foods for heavier warm foods and healthy oils.

I advise you to choose whole foods and to change your processed pastas, flour, rices, breads and cereals by their whole version or half whole if the transition is too hard. 

Conseils de rentrée nutrition tips school year

Think about your probiotics and prebiotics sources. Gastroenteritis will be here soon son better be ready for it ! Supplements and fermented foods are full of them as fermented beverages as Fruit Kefir and Kombucha which are easy to make and delicious !

5- Don’t forget to sleep !

Sleep is usually the most neglected part of your rythm. With the summer holidays’ fatigue, the rhythm change, the days too-full, our nights are smaller and smaller… and all our body and mood feel it!

Being kind with yourself is also being sure you sleep enough. That’s the best way to boost your immunity and our mental health

5 Conseils de rentrée Sommeil Sleep

New School year, new season, so many opportunities to make some positive shifts in our life !

Amongst these 5 tips, which one will you use for this new School year ?

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