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6 things to look for in your food

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There’s nothing magical about it ✨.⁠

Food is medicine. Or to be more precise, food is health.⁠
With the diet choices we make, we can improve or damage our health.

Nothing is new about it;

Numerous holistic methods say so, from the ancient Ayurveda or modern cares as naturopathyBut it is more important than ever to remind ourselves, with all the madness surrounding the pandemic, that we have to take care of ourselves, everyday.

But what exactly do we need ? What do we have to look for in our food to be sure all our nutritional needs are covered ?

Let’s see to it together with the 6 things to look for in your food.

1- Search for quality

The quality of what we put in our plates is essential. ⁠Indeed, what is worse for your health than eating foods with chemical ingredients, pesticides and food preservatives ?
As often as possible, we should turn to fresh, local, organic products, or derived from sustainable agriculture.

They are good for us, for the planet and for those who cultivate them. It’s a win-win! ⁠

2- Check products freshness

Freshness is a very important criterion.

Actually, for the fresher a product is, the more preserved its nutritional value remains, and that’s the whole point ! That’s the reason why bying directly to the producers with local and seasons products to products coming from far away in the back of a refrigerated truck.

Once you’re at home, better not forget carrots and leeks at the bottom of the vegetable compartment of the fridge for weeks on end… ⁠ If you shop once a week like I do, batchcooking is an efficient way not to waste your vegetables and save time.

3- Enjoy raw products

Eating raw or with a soft cooking (not more than 42°C) ensures enzymes are not destroyed. This is also the way to enjoy all nutrients at their optimum ! Beware not to abuse if your guts are fragile. Raw products are more difficult to digest.

I’ll also add it depends on the season. As I wrote with my new school year tips when autumn is here, our body needs warm and comfy foods to boost our immunity system. Don’t forget to respect the seasons !

And of course, keep in minds some foods can’t be eaten raw ! (aspergus, potatoes, dry vegetables…)⁠

4- Favor fibers

Fibres are essential to our health since they maintain a healthy running digestive tract !

A plant based diet bring you plenty of fibres : fruits, vegetables, legumes, lentils, grains, nuts and seeds… You have plenty of choice for each meals !

A whole food diet can help to increase your fiber consumption. If you change your refined foods by whole or half-foods ingredient you’ll have a more nutritious diet. Flour, cereals, rice … all these ingredients are delicious when they are in their whole version .

Don’t underestimage porridge or muesli benefits (real muesli without added sugar or processed ingredients).  They are perfect for breakfast and to begin the day with good calories.

Conseils de rentrée nutrition tips school year

5- Eat organic food

Eating organic products is not just a trendy way of eating or a “fashionable brand”. Organic products have to meet specific more or less criteria, depending on the country. However they ensure high quality products, without synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers), GM-free and with minimum damage to animal welfare.

In case of processed foods, you are guaranteed that 95% of the ingredients are coming form organic farming. In France, we are very lucky to have a very restrictive AB label, even more restrictive than the European one. So, if you have to choose, always favour the French one !⁠

6- Eat mindfully

Eating mindfully doesn’t mean feeling guilty about what you eat but it suggests paying complete attention to it.

How many times do you eat your meal while working on your screen without paying attention to it or knowing what it tastes like ?

To be mindfull means tasting the flavours and textures , chewing your food, appreciating and enjoying the experience.

This often lead to eating slowly, which is better for digestion. You also be able to eat less or more as your body needs, since the sense of satiety is easier to feel when you take your time.

alimentation / Things to look for in your food

Without being a revolution, these 6 things to look for in your food are an important first step to go to a healthier diet. 

Take care of you through your plate !

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