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My 10th week of pregnancy

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What week?

I’m week 10 pregnant

How big is the baby?

Around 5 cm. He/She could fit in an egg !

10th week pregnancy

Something special this week?

The 1st trimester ultrasound (we have 3 official ultrasounds in France, with big measurements and forms to fill, even if we have an appointment every month with ultrasounds too) . We could see our little P and it was magical !

ulltrasound week 10

Most challenging moment?

I suffered from dizziness today.

It happens usually at this stage of the pregnancy but it scared me a bit as I was with Little H at the hospital for his care. It wasn’t the worst place to feel that bad as I could lie down, test my glycemic and my blood pressure while Little H was playing with magical sand ! However my husband had to come and pick us home (I was on bike).

After sleeping for 4 hours, I felt much more better. But it was a kind reminder to slow things down !

Most exciting moment?

The ultrasound of course!

I’m always amazed to discover on screen how evolved this little life is ! Watching him/her moving so much in my belly without feeling anything is so strange and wonderful. Discovering his/her head, his/her little hands and feet, watching him/her turn around in every way is everything ! My husband was here and Little H too, as we couldn’t find someone to babysit him. Of course, he didn’t understand what happened but having him there was great anyway.

annonce announcement

On the night, we announced the great news to Mr A.

I ordered a special scratch ticket. The supermarket gives some away and Mr A loves scratching them. He was so happy to have received a mystery letter with a mystery ticket inside. He was so surprised by the news ! He didn’t expect me to be pregnant!

He moved me so much later, when he told me he was happy for Little H he could be a big brother too and that he wishes the baby would be healthy.

What’s new doctor?

The ultrasound showed us a healthy baby, very tall  for his/her age and with a satisfying nuchal translucency. 

The trisomy detection process asked us to do some blood tests to evaluate through statistics the risks for this baby to be trisomic.  What is new since Little H’s pregnancy, is the fact we can now have another blood test if the statistics are not good enough. I’m getting older now and this topic is very serious for my gynecologist, especially with what happened to Little H.



Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy

At least, there are some tomatoes! All week, I’ve eaten salads with rice, pastas, tabbouleh… anything fresh and tasty !


Movement ?

Biking, biking.

I thought I would have some yoga time but … I chose napping each time I had spare time !

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

I had plenty of good news for my business this week with potential clients and a lot of work to deliver. It really helped me to feel better.

I’ve also had a great session with Morrin which helped me to get on track.

Self Care ?

Resting as much as possible and sticking to my single objectif per day per category (kids, business, pregnancy)

Self Care enceinte pregnant

Reflexions ?

Here I am to announce the good news at last !

Our family being far, they don’t know yet. We are going to send to our parents some scratching tickets too! The announcement will depend on the post delay.

Now the ultrasound reassured us, it really help us to make this baby real now. It was hight time our family and our couple could project the baby arrival ! Secrecy is great but being able to talk openly about it and to build together the future is so great too !

10th week pregnancy

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