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My 34th week of pregnancy

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What week?​

I’m 34 weeks pregnant.

How big is the baby?

On Friday ultrasounds, he weighed around 2,9kg and was in the 85th percentile. He is enjoying himself down there!

Something special this week?​

I’m on strict bed rest and my maternity suitcase is ready !

At my latest appointment, the gynecologist announced me BB#3 was already engaged in my pelvis (that’s why I have some pains and difficulties walking). If the cervix is still closed from his side, there is not much more left and as she told me “ when it’s going to begin, you don’t wait!”. On the bright side, it means he can’t change position now so we are at peace about his birthing position.

34ème semaine de grossesse

Most challenging moment?​​

34ème semaine de grossesse


Little H was operated on Tuesday and I wasn’t there for him. My husband was. It was his 3rd operation and I’ve always been there when he woke up, to comfort him and to take care of him. The surgery went well, which I’m grateful for. 

At the beginning of my pregnancy my main worry was to deal with my separation with Little H. Since he was born, I’ve always been his safe place and he was mine. I never had this kind of proximity with Mr A, but with Little H, I was the one who knew how to calm him down, to deal with him and to understand his needs. The idea to be away for a few days after the delivery worried me a lot because I was afraid of his reaction.

But of necessity, the transition has been earlier as expected, the separation too. For several weeks, I can’t carry him and it’s my husband who changes his diapers and bathes him. Their complicity is getting stronger and I’m very grateful for it as I know it is the only way to give me some space to welcome this new baby. But, somewhat, my mama heart is suffering recognizing the distance of not being as important as before for him.

Most exciting moment?​

Discovering the gorgeous family pictures taken during our photoshoot !

They are so beautiful ! Camille, the photographer, prepared around 60 of them and we had to choose 15. It was so hard to decide but I’m really happy with our choices. I can’t wait for Camille to adjust them all and send them to us so we can share them all with you !

What’s new doctor?​​

34ème semaine de grossesse

As I told you, I have now to stay at home, lying down as much as possible. Ideally, BB#3 should stay inside for at least 2 weeks. I keep repeating the mantra “stay warm inside, stay warm inside” while stroking him when he moves a lot. 

I am monitoring the baby’s heart rate at my midwife’s  twice a week and checking the contractions, but there are none. I’m a bit sceptical about this monitoring but I do it anyway.

Our organisation has to change since I can’t drive much anymore nor pick up the kids (especially Little H I can’t lift and dress). My husband has plenty to do now …

Weight ?


Nutrition ?

Nutrition enceinte pregnancy
34ème semaine de grossesse

My weight gain surprised me a lot.

I didn’t change much on my diet, my physical activity is quite low but it doesn’t explain everything ! I really think the reason is linked to water retention. Since two weeks, everything is swollen : my hands, my legs, my beast… and even the lymphatic drainages are useless. I woke up from pain in the middle of the night because my rings were too painful. I succeeded in taking them out just in time !

Movement ?

Mouvement enceinte pregnancy

As you’ll have understood for now, nothing at all. I can’t really move now.

Motivation ?

Motivation Enceinte Pregnant

I am motivated.

I’m finishing this week my latest business files, I can see some perspective and I am getting more and more at peace with the situation.

The hardest part is to ask my husband more and more for everything because he needs some help too and I can’t help him.

Self Care ?

Self Care enceinte pregnant

To adapt my rhythm to my body’s needs. I try to alternate between being up and lying down. As I don’t sleep much at night, I try sleeping a bit on the day to be more alert with the boys. Now, I’m spending my life in the library, which is also my office. The sofa bed is my best friend !

34ème semaine de grossesse

Reflexions ?

At my latest coaching session with Morrin, we worked on the drawbacks and benefits of every situation which bothered me. We talked about my feelings about my relationship with  Little H and how I was visualizing my delivery (or rather not visualizing).

But just a few days ago, I realized I was so focused on my delivery logistics, I wasn’t focusing on the delivery itself and I was rather terrified. Strange, isn’t it ? I really hope I’ll succeed to focus on the delivery for the remaining days to be more serene at the due time. But for that, I need BB#3 stays warm inside !

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